Gemini users targeted by hackers
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Crypto exchange Gemini users targeted by hackers

A database of millions of alleged Gemini users is for sale on the dark web. The exchange warns its customers against phishing risks.

Indeed, the company had to freeze the holdings of its yield product due to the liquidity problems encountered by Genesis.

Last week, users also had to endure several hours of platform unavailability – due to a maintenance operation – and phishing attacks. Gemini confirms recent targeted phishing campaigns.

These would be the consequence of a security incident at a “third party vendor” of data. Thus, personal information of Gemini users has been collected and compromised. These are email addresses and partial phone numbers, says the exchange.

No Gemini account information or systems were affected by this third-party incident, and all funds and customer accounts remain secure,” the cryptocurrency exchange states.

Shortly after this message was published, the cybersecurity website BleepingComputer detected a file being sold on hacker forums. The seller was offering a database of alleged email and phone contact information of 5.7 million Internet users.

This data allows cybercriminals to carry out fraud attempts in order to gain access to the assets of Gemini’s customers. The exchange therefore reminds us of the best practices to adopt against these threats.

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