: A Journey to European Compliance, Hello Netherlands!
Defi and Exchanges : A Journey to European Compliance, Hello Netherlands!

Follow ‘s epic journey as it makes its way towards compliance in Europe, securing registration as a crypto service provider in the Netherlands. Find out how this innovative platform faces regulatory challenges and charts its path to new horizons.

Once upon a time, in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, there was a bold and visionary platform called Driven by the desire to make crypto and blockchain accessible to all, this Singaporean company set out on a mission to conquer the heart of Europe.

In a frantic race towards compliance, proudly announced that it had landed a coveted registration with De Nederlandsche Bank NV, the central bank of the Netherlands. As a result, this emerging platform was granted the status of a digital asset service provider in this country of history and tulips.

Kris Marszalek, the charismatic founder of, hailed this achievement with emotion. “Collaborating with regulators to responsibly advance the crypto and blockchain industry is of paramount importance to,” he confided in an enthusiastic statement. This registration approval was more than just an administrative stamp, it was an acknowledgement of their commitment to compliance. continues its journey!

But’s journey didn’t end there. Through the shifting winds of Europe’s regulatory landscape, this platform had already left its footprints in other lands. From the distant lands of France, to the mysterious UK, to sunny Spain, had woven a network of registrations, proving its determination to overcome all obstacles.

Yet, on the steep road to compliance, was not alone. It was up against a formidable rival, Binance, which had recently decided to leave the Dutch market for regulatory reasons. The latter had explored multiple avenues to serve Dutch residents in compliance with local laws, but was forced to turn back, at least temporarily.

However,’s determination to overcome regulatory challenges knew no bounds. Some 30 companies offering crypto services, including prominent names such as eToro and Coinbase, were already registered with the Dutch regulator, proving that the country was fertile ground for digital innovation.

And as continued its journey across the continents, in June it reached a new pinnacle by obtaining a Digital Token license in Singapore, its birthplace.

It was a crowning achievement for this ambitious company, as it plotted its course for the future, guided by its mission to democratize crypto on a global scale.

Thus, the story of unfolded like a modern epic, a quest for conformity and innovation.

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