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Crypto jobs

Crypto : 5 best blockchain NFT metaverse jobs of the week

Blockchain-related jobs have been growing in number and popularity in recent years

Blockchain technology is a distributed database that maintains a chain of “blocks,” or records with a timestamp and a link to the previous block. It is impossible for a user to retroactively change the data within a block without anyone noticing. In theory, this secures blockchains, and is ideal for everything from transaction processing to identity confirmation to, yes, Bitcoin.

Remote work, democratized by Covid, could take on a new life with cryptocurrency payments. Indeed, the current banking system is not well suited to transfer money around the world without “friction”. In contrast, crypto payments are borderless, immediate and open. In addition, the recipient no longer needs a bank account to be paid.

Given the large share of the world’s population that is unbanked, this also induces greater inclusivity in the labor market by removing barriers to entry.

Many leading crypto companies have slowed down the hiring of new staff and reduced their headcount, following the decrease in revenue following the collapse of the crypto markets. However, many companies are still hiring.

Specialist, Blockchain & Digital Assets at World Economic Forum

The Forum’s Blockchain & Digital Assets platform aims to define, through a process of international multi-stakeholder dialogue and cooperation, policy and governance interventions that can accelerate the benefits and mitigate the risks of these innovations. This is a cross-cutting role and project area, as these topics are core to Web3 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Specialist will join a high-profile team working to shape the trajectory of this emerging area, maximizing benefit to society while also reducing risks.
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Content Moderator at Daylight

As Content Moderator, you will be a core part of creating a strong user experience at Daylight, ensuring abilities on the platform are high quality. You’ll both moderate abilities and improve moderation processes. You’ll influence product direction, making Daylight more scalable and friendly. Join us and help each web3 user discover all the opportunities available to them: belonging when they join a chat of like minded people, pride when they receive an on-chain credential, excitement when they claim a drop, and more.
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Crypto Community Manager at Victorious PR

The right candidate will be responsible for:

  • Engaging with followers on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Telegram on all things crypto and project hype
  • Diving into the crypto project’s platforms to understand its community culture, members, elected-leaders and expectations for the ecosystem’s future
  • Influencer marketing: Building friendly and meaningful relationships with social media thought leaders in the crypto space, to cultivate a web of partnerships for future project launches
  • Understanding the project’s audience and cultivating influencer relationships with pages that emulate that!
  • Content creation: Upon learning more about the crypto project – coming up with creative ways to speak to its community via copy, posts, videos
  • Keeping up with the hottest topics in DeFi and connecting the conversation to the client’s project via engagement and content creation

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Co-Founder (BD direction) at Artfi innovation tech. INC.

Present ideas to potential individual investors, promoting to various audiences.
Source potential partnerships through networking, referrals, and other industry resources
Support other teams’ work
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Marketing and Content Manager at LeverFi


  • A strong understanding of the DeFi landscape including a high-level grasp of the mechanics of various DeFi protocols
  • Excellent communication skills & significant experience working with cross-functional teams to collaborate on initiatives.
  • Passionate storyteller with a broad understanding of how to communicate with diverse audiences within different geographical locations globally to articulate our value proposition in a compelling way.
  • Data-driven, fast-learning, flexible doer, who requires little day-to-day handholding.
  • Ability to create & modify basic visual content such as infographics & memes to be included in marketing material.

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