Conquering Web4 and the metaverse : the EU's bold vision
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Conquering Web4 and the metaverse : the EU ‘s bold vision

Discover the European Commission’s (EU) bold strategy for Web4 and virtual worlds, aimed at creating an open, secure and inclusive digital environment. Dive into the future of the Internet, with integration between the digital and real worlds, improved interactions between man and machine, and promising prospects for health, ecology and natural disaster prevention.

In an era of meteoric technological evolution, where every advance propels us towards new horizons, the European Commission has unveiled an ambitious vision for shaping the future of the Internet : Web4 and virtual worlds. This strategy aims to create an open, secure, reliable, fair and inclusive digital environment, for the benefit of all.

While the third generation of the web, Web3, is under development, characterized by openness, decentralization and total user empowerment, Web4 represents the next stage in this digital revolution. It will enable unprecedented integration between digital and real objects and environments, paving the way for enhanced interactions between man and machine.

The European Commission recognizes that virtual worlds will have a profound impact on the way we live in society. That’s why it has taken the initiative of promoting metaverses that reflect the EU’s fundamental values and principles. This ambitious vision goes beyond mere technology, aiming to shape a digital future that meets the needs of people and organizations, while guaranteeing an ethical and equitable framework.

EU: towards an exciting digital future!

The European institution estimates that by 2030, the Web4 and virtual worlds market could exceed 800 billion euros worldwide. In 2022, it is already estimated at 27 billion dollars. These figures testify to the scale of the opportunity and the importance of this initiative for the digital economy.

Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission, underlined the positive spin-offs expected from Web4 and virtual worlds. She declared that these advances could have a beneficial impact on health, contribute to the ecological transition and enable better anticipation of natural disasters. Technology is no longer just a tool, but a catalyst for progress for society as a whole.

As the EU positions itself at the forefront of technological innovation, it also recognizes the need to regulate and supervise these advances to ensure the protection of users and preserve the Union’s fundamental values. The European Commission will work with industry players, regulators and civil society to shape this digital future in a responsible and inclusive way.

The history of Web4 and virtual worlds is being written, and the EU has chosen to be a major player in this revolution. As we venture into an exciting digital future, it’s crucial to maintain a balanced approach, taking advantage of opportunities while remaining vigilant to the ethical and social challenges we face. The EU is ready to shape this future and open up new perspectives for a connected and fulfilled society.

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