CoinFund Unveils $158M Fund Focused on AI and Crypto
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CoinFund Unveils $158M Fund Focused on AI and Crypto

Discover the exciting story of CoinFund, the New Yorker who has successfully raised $158 million to support promising cryptoand artificial intelligence startups. Despite the challenges of 2022, the CoinFund team is boldly embarking on a bright new future.

In the bustling streets of New York, a wind of innovation is blowing through the world of finance. CoinFund, an American venture capital firm, has orchestrated a masterful feat, raising no less than $158 million to fund promising startups evolving in the fields of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence.

CoinFund, towards a bright future!

At the heart of this success story, Jake Brukhman, the visionary at the helm of CoinFund, proudly reveals that the new fund exceeds initial expectations. A true feat that paves the way for an even brighter future.

However, this feat comes at a time when interest in cryptocurrency has seen a dizzying fall after a tumultuous 2022. Brukhman makes no secret of the fact that this period was “exceptionally difficult”. Echoes of the failures of major projects such as Terra, Celsius and FTX still echo in people’s memories, with these companies now at the heart of fraud charges in the USA.

Despite this crypto winter, CoinFund rose to the challenge with flying colors, raising no less than $550 million. A breathtaking achievement that testifies to their resilience and commitment to innovation. During this period, the investment firm had already announced a $300 million fund, then sought to raise $250 million in the autumn.

Since its inception in 2015, CoinFund has sown its investment seeds in a wide range of startups. Its portfolio is packed with innovative projects such as blockchain Flow and the Blockdaemon platform. Their recent investments include promising names such as Neutron, Gensyn, Li.Fi and Archax.

This brilliant new era of investment is testament to CoinFund’s determination to sculpt the future of finance. On the streets of New York, an aura of enthusiasm is animating spirits, and the CoinFund team is ready to make the future of AI and crypto-shine.

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