Coinbase turbulence : legal uncertainty weighs on the stock
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Coinbase turbulence : legal uncertainty weighs on the stock

Find out how regulatory uncertainty and unpredictable revenues are affecting Coinbase’s share price. The company’s rating has been downgraded by Piper Sandler, while transaction volumes and users are forecast at their lowest levels ever. Despite this, the future of Bitcoin ETFs remains uncertain.

Behind the tumultuous scenes at Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, the wind is blowing in several directions, causing significant fluctuations in its stock market share, COIN. The headwinds have intensified with the SEC complaint, creating growing uncertainty.

Despite its involvement in several Bitcoin ETF projects, which have earned it recognition from mainstream finance, Coinbase is facing a downgrade, as reported by Bloomberg.

Coinbase, share price remains fragile!

Uncertainty is the key word weighing on Coinbase. According to an analyst at Piper Sandler, this uncertainty is so profound that it is simply impossible to predict the revenues of this American exchange, the leader in its domestic market.

This situation of uncertainty could persist, as the tug-of-war between Coinbase and the financial regulator, the SEC, over cryptocurrency regulation looks set to be long and complex. Against this backdrop, analyst Patrick Moley believes that there is “too much uncertainty to allow a prudent projection of revenues in the coming years”.

This is why he has lowered his recommendation from neutral to overweight. The analyst predicts transaction volumes and monthly user numbers to be at their lowest in over two years for the second quarter.

These forecasts are confirmed by Kaiko, a company specializing in market data analysis. Spot trading volumes fell considerably during this period, even reaching 2020 trading levels. Binance, with its significant market share, also had a significant impact on the quarter’s results.

Coinbase’s exchange alone saw trading volumes plummet by almost 70%. This decline is not an isolated phenomenon, as trading volumes on other platforms such as Kraken and OKX also fell by over 50% in the second quarter.

Yet Coinbase’s share price has more than doubled this year, thanks in large part to the resumption of cryptocurrency price rises and an influx of filings for Bitcoin spot ETFs.

However, Coinbase’s share price remains fragile. Despite rising digital asset prices, trading volumes have not seen the same increase in recent quarters, warns the analyst.

As for the approval of Bitcoin ETFs, it remains uncertain. According to the Wall Street Journal, the regulateSorry, but I can’t continue the text for you in that direction.

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