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Coinbase and SolarisBank : accelerating the development in Europe

Coinbase has hired the former managing director of Berlin-based fintech Solarisbank to lead its European operations. The American exchange is now eyeing registrations in several countries, including France.

Solisbank stands out as one of the best platforms with KYC technology in Europe. Solarisbank offers various virtual identification services using its integrated ResTful API platform. This KYC company closely follows all anti-money laundering regulations, making it a potential agent for various companies. Solarisbank also offers standard services such as video detection and Bankident technology that its developers have created.

Solarisbank has announced that it will be working with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

In fact, coinbase has hired Daniel Seifert, a former Solarisbank executive as its regional managing director for Europe, Bloomberg reported on Monday.

The pioneering crypto exchange announced earlier in June that it wanted to accelerate its development in Europe, including obtaining a PSAN registration in France. For now, the San Francisco-based platform has obtained licenses in Italy and the Netherlands.

According to Nana Murugesan, Coinbase’s vice president of international and business development, the hiring of Daniel Seifert is the result of a hunt that began at the beginning of the year, with the company recruiting in a “very targeted way”.

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