Coinbase and Block join forces to democratize Bitcoin investment via Bitkey
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Coinbase and Block join forces to democratize Bitcoin investment via Bitkey

Discover how Coinbase and Block have formed a strategic alliance to enable Bitkey users to easily purchase Bitcoin via the wallet. Dive into this collaboration that aims to propel the Bitcoin economy and make investing in cryptocurrency accessible to all.

Once upon a time, there was Coinbase, the renowned crypto exchange, and Block, the fintech run by maximalist Jack Dorsey. These two industry giants decided to join forces with the aim of creating an unprecedented Bitcoin experience for users of Bitkey, a multi-signature physical wallet in full development.

A strategic collaboration between Coinbase and Block!

In a major announcement, Coinbase has revealed that its Coinbase Pay service will be integrated into Block’s (formerly Square) auto-garde wallet. This revolutionary solution will enable Bitkey users to fund their app accounts and other wallets with ease.

Thanks to Coinbase Pay, Bitkey users will now be able to purchase Bitcoin directly from the wallet’s user-friendly interface, using a variety of payment methods.

“This alliance marks a key milestone in our mission to propel the Bitcoin economy,” enthused the San Francisco-based exchange in a blog post.

In parallel with this announcement, Block has launched the beta phase of its long-awaited Bitkey. This innovative wallet includes a mobile app, a hardware device and a comprehensive set of recovery tools.

Bitkey’s ambition is clear: to create a Bitcoin wallet that facilitates self-preservation and aims to democratize investment in the market’s leading cryptocurrency.

“Integration with key partners plays a crucial role in extending self-preservation to a wider audience around the world, and we’re extremely proud to be partnering with leading companies like Coinbase,” enthused Lindsey Grossman, Head of Sales at Bitkey.

This strategic collaboration between Coinbase and Block opens up new prospects for the crypto industry. By making the purchase of Bitcoin more accessible than ever to Bitkey users, it contributes to the expansion of the Bitcoin economy and the inclusion of everyone in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

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