Code Reader is no substitute for a developer!
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Code Reader : AI revolutionizes smart contract analysis on Ethereum

Find out how Etherscan, the explorer of the Ethereum blockchain, reveals Code Reader, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based tool for analyzing smart contracts. Dive into this captivating article exploring the application of AI in cryptocurrencies and the synergy between OpenAI’s technology and the Ethereum ecosystem.

In the dynamic world of the Ethereum blockchain, a remarkable innovation has just emerged. Etherscan, the reference explorer for the famous blockchain, has unveiled a revolutionary tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze smart contracts: Code Reader.

This new feature, powered by technology from OpenAI, the company behind the renowned chatbot ChatGPT, promises to push back the boundaries of smart contract analysis.

Code Reader is no substitute for a developer!

Code Reader presents itself as a veritable toolbox, enabling users to dive straight into the heart of smart contracts. By entering a valid API key and providing the address of the smart contract to be studied, the tool retrieves the associated source code files. The user can then specifically choose which file to analyze in detail.

The most captivating part of Code Reader is the ability to interact with the tool by giving it instructions. For example, it is possible to explain how a specific mechanism works in an application using the relevant smart contract. This interaction offers a personalized experience and saves precious time when searching.

Code Reader : AI revolutionizes smart contract analysis on Ethereum

However, there are a few things to bear in mind before using Code Reader. The answers generated by the tool come from the OpenAI model, which means that their accuracy also depends on the limitations of this AI. What’s more, the quality of the results obtained will depend on the accuracy of the instructions provided when writing the prompt.

It should be stressed that Code Reader does not replace the work of a developer, but rather acts as a valuable assistant in analyzing code and understanding how it works. Although this is still a beta version, destined to be improved, the tool already offers promising functionalities for the community.

Code Reader opens up new prospects for the security of decentralized Ethereum applications. It enables the various players in the ecosystem to better understand the underlying mechanisms and analyze the robustness of smart contracts. This synergy between artificial intelligence and the world of cryptocurrencies demonstrates once again the many opportunities offered by technological developments in this field.

Following the forthcoming integration of a plug-in enabling interaction with the Solana blockchain from ChatGPT, this new application marks a further step in the collaboration between artificial intelligence and the crypto-ecosystem, paving the way for a promising and innovative future.

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