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Cardano (ADA) Vasil coming soon, latest development updates in progress

The long awaited Vasil fork of Cardano (ADA) has its official date. This is great news for all ADA token owners and users of this network. The previous update was so disappointing, that this one gives hope to see the DeFi on Cardano really efficient.

So on September 22nd we will see the Vasil fork on the Cardano mainnet! Indeed, this one will arrive exactly one week after The Merge of Ethereum.

Cardano massive increase in social activity over the past few days

In 3 days, the network will proceed to its hard fork Vasil. If the news has been largely overshadowed by The Merge on the Ethereum blockchain, the preparations have been brewing for months.

Transaction Chaining will further improve the Cardano blockchain! Among the preparations for the Vasil fork is the implementation of Transaction Chaining. This technique is supposed to improve the decentralization on the Cardano network. For this, transaction chaining aims to order transactions before they arrive on the chain.

Tom Harrison, a senior manager at Input Output, is already praising the eUTXO models as “highly scalable” on the Cardano network. He says the technology is likely to be critical to Cardano’s short-, medium- and long-term future.

Interestingly, this increase in social activity is also reflected in Cardano’s social dominance chart. According to blockchain analytics platform Santiment, Cardano has seen a massive increase in social activity over the past few days. This, a direct response to the Vasil hype that has become a feature of major crypto releases.

Indeed, the hype around this update seems to be alive and well. On the blockchain, the number of tokens in circulation has just reached 6 million. Moreover, the number of addresses holding between 100,000 and 1,000,000 ADA tokens is up by 2% over the last 3 months. This can be interpreted as a sign of confidence in this new fork.

In any case, even before the update of the blockchain via this fork, Charles Hoskinson, creator of the Cardano blockchain is pleased:

‘It’s becoming increasingly clear that the distance between us and everyone else is growing. We built Cardano to be the world’s financial operating system. We built it to bank the unbanked.

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