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Breizh Bitcoin is an association that promotes Bitcoin in Brittany, whose objectives are to make Bitcoin (BTC) known and especially its use to individuals, but also to merchants.

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 Founded in 2021, Breizh Bitcoin is made up of a small group of ten members who have been familiar with crypto-currencies for several years now. The co-founders even work in this field, such as Gilles for Woleet or Jean-Christophe Busnel for StakingSat, a company with the famous sesame, the PSAN (service provider on digital assets), and which offers Bitcoin savings books.

It is in Rennes, a city known for the creation of the famous Minitel, that the collective offers anyone wishing to discuss bitcoin the opportunity to learn about it or to meet other enthusiasts. These meetings take place every first Tuesday of the month, at the bar-restaurant Le Hangar, the first bar to accept bitcoin payments in Brittany.

Le Hangar : the first bar in Brittany to accept payment in Bitcoin

The Breizh Bitcoin collective is behind this small revolution in Rennes. From now on, you can use Bitcoin to pay for your coffee or your meal at the Hangar, in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine). This bar-restaurant is the first in Brittany to accept this means of payment. For Alexandre Marais, the bar’s manager, the implementation of this means of payment cost nothing, except for the installation of an application on a touch pad.

We just have to open the app on the tablet, I write down the price in euros and the app does the conversion to Bitcoin […] for example for 20 euros, the price would be 0.00040651 bitcoin.” The customer must also have an application on his phone to finalize the transaction.

The association also organizes a bitcoin meetup every first Tuesday of the month.

For all those who are interested in the world of cryptocurrency, and would like to invest in bitcoins, the Breizh bitcoin collective organizes meet-ups, information meetings and discussions over a drink at the bar-restaurant Le Hangar, 1 rue de Dinan in Rennes

The main reasons for this adoption at Le Hangar remain the ease of use, the almost non-existent fees as well as a protection against inflation which seems to be getting out of control in the last few years (even if for the moment, payments in bitcoins are still a very small minority). Despite the sometimes impressive price fluctuations, the value of bitcoin has only increased since its creation in 2009 and it is becoming increasingly clear that it represents the digital gold of the next few years.
Translated from : Cointribune and France3

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