Bitpanda deploys investment in commodities
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Bitpanda exchange : users can now venture into the commodities market

Austrian multi-asset investment platform Bitpanda is adding a new asset class to its platform, allowing investors to benefit from short-term price movements in commodities like oil, natural gas, aluminum, wheat and more.

Bitpanda customers can now invest in Europe’s broadest range of digital assets, from cryptocurrencies, crypto indices, stocks and ETFs to precious metals and now Bitpanda Commodities, 24/7, starting at just 1 euro.

Bitpanda is a broker that was founded in 2014 by 3 friends who met at the University of Vienna: Eric demuth, Paul Klanschek and Christian Trummer. They joined forces after their studies to create Coinimal, a platform for buying and selling bitcoins. This platform gradually expands its offer and proposes to invest in about thirty digital financial assets. In 2016 the founders decided to rename it bitpanda.

The platform meets a great success, especially from 2017 when the price of bitcoin reached peaks. Very popular abroad, the Austrian fintech sets up shop in Germany, France and Spain.

Bitpanda’s offering includes a wallet that allows you to invest in 50 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum…), digitized metals (gold, palladium…), and stocks and ETFs.

Bitpanda customers can now bet on their gas bill

Bitpanda now offers cryptocurrencies, crypto indices, stocks, ETFs, precious metals and commodities*. With over 2,000 assets available, investors can build a diversified portfolio using a single regulated, simple and secure platform.

Users of the Bitpanda exchange can now venture into the commodities market. Specifically, they can gain exposure to commodities via derivative contracts. In other words, it is not a direct purchase of shares in a physical asset, but an investment in an ETC (Exchange Traded Commodity), held by the platform. This ETC follows the price of a commodity or a basket of commodities.

Remember that a commodity is a natural resource. Fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal), agricultural products (wheat, cotton, coffee…) naturally fall into this category, as do industrial metals (iron, copper, lead…) and precious metals. Bitcoin, which is also subject to an extraction operation, will probably belong to this family in the upcoming US nomenclature.

Eric Demuth, co-founder and CEO of Bitpanda, comments:

Bitpanda customers can now bet on their gas bill and take advantage of short-term price movements in major commodities* such as oil, natural gas, corn, wheat and many others.

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