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Binance : Two Venezuelan universities to train Binance network programmers

The Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB) and the Universidad Fermín Toro (UFT) will offer programming courses on the Binance network, BNB Chain. They will do so in collaboration with the educational platform Platzi.

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BNB Chain’s ambassador for Latin America, Edumar León (also known by her Twitter handle CryptoLara), announced the announcement at a meeting held on May 31 at the UFT in Barquisimeto.

To make sure students are interested in this type of technology

Usually, talks, conferences, meetups or different types of meetings in the field of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were held in the capital. However, this time, BNB Chain representatives decided to expand to the interior of the country.

According to León, at the meeting, which was attended by about 20 people, the curriculum is already approved pending the launch of Platzi courses. The goal, he said, is “to make sure that students are interested in learning this type of technology and can do it hand in hand with their teachers.”

The Barquisimeto meeting had some surprises and special guests. One of them was the previously unannounced presence of Mariangel García. She is an influencer and representative of the BNB channel for Latin America, and on this occasion she was responsible for leading the conversation.

Mariangel also spoke about the courses. According to him, the goal is to target the growth of developers interested in creating their projects on the Binance blockchain.

To that end, he said, Binance has prepared a funding fund of up to USD 1 billion. It is intended to support the growth of projects and developments on the BNB blockchain.

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