Binance, launching a plugin for WordPress websites!
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Binance, launching a plugin for WordPress websites!

Binance launches a plugin to integrate crypto payments on WordPress websites that use the WooCommerce extension.

Specifically, this plugin allows you to add Binance Pay crypto payment on WordPress websites using the WooCommerce extension to facilitate online payments.

WooCommerce is a popular application used by about 25% of the world’s top millions of online stores for managing online payments. With this plugin, merchants can now accept over 70 different cryptos as payment methods on their site. To use this plugin, website owners need to register with Binance Pay as a merchant, then download the plugin and configure it on their website.

This will facilitate crypto transactions on WordPress websites, which is good news for online store owners and customers who prefer to use cryptocurrencies to make purchases.

So now, it’s going to be even easier to offer crypto payments on a WordPress site using this Binance Pay WooCommerce plugin that can be downloaded from

WooCommerce, the steps to follow!

A solution that will support and democratize crypto payments on the web, more than 40% of websites in the world use the WordPress application (CMS)!

In order to use this wordpress plugin for Bitcoin and crypto payments, the website owner must first register on Binance Pay as a merchant.

Then you will have to download the Binance Pay plugin on and configure the extension on the WordPress interface of the website where the plugin has been installed.

A useful plugin that will facilitate the work of WordPress website owners who want to offer crypto payments to their visitors and customers on the web.

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