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Bentley: First NFT limited edition coming in September

Bentley, the well-known British automaker, is expected to enter the NFT ecosystem, according to a company release.

Special benefits for Bentley NFT owners

In June, luxury car brand Bentley announced that it was launching its NFT collection. It has chosen Polygon, an eco-friendly solution, for a launch scheduled for September.

Bentley is one of the iconic automotive brands. Founded in 1919 in London, England, Bentley has become one of the world’s best known luxury brands. Now part of the Volskwagen Group, the brand is also looking to enter the world of NFT and Web 3.0.

Bentley made the decision to go digital due to the growth of internet commerce, digital products, metaverse businesses and cryptocurrency exchanges.

In addition, buyers and sellers increasingly prefer to do business in the Internet marketplace.

Bentley believes it can replicate the increase in demand for digital art caused by the advent of the NFT collection in the luxury car market. The automaker will soon be announcing will soon announce special benefits and opportunities for owners of its recently announced NFT collection.

While Rolls-Royce introduced an NFT last year, Bentley’s first non-fungible token will not arrive until September.

Bentley will launch a collection of just 208 NFTs on Ethereum‘s leading second-layer solution, Polygon.

The number 208 was not chosen randomly as it corresponds to the top speed of the Bentley Continental GT in miles per hour.

Bentley added that owners will benefit from “exclusive community opportunities, rewards and unique utilities – to be announced soon.”

The limited edition 208 is more than just a number. It represents the speed of Bentley’s first performance cars. Type R Continental and Grand Tourer. With their legendary supremacy, these vehicles hold a special place in the evolution of their design.

Why Polygon?

Bentley chose Polygon because it supports the network’s commitment to being fully green by the end of the year and its move to carbon neutrality. As a result, all of Bentley’s NFT collections will be carbon neutral.

Bentley is a member of the carbon neutral movement and aims to be zero carbon by 2030. Instead of using fossil fuels, all Bentley vehicles run on electric batteries. The automaker’s first Web3 effort is to stick with the same format.


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