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Benefits of Animated Banners for your cryptocurrency projects

What are animated banners?

Display advertising or animated banners refer to any type of online advertising that includes a graphic element: most often an image or a video. In other words, it is the display of advertisements on publisher websites.

To better understand the concept of animated banner, it is important to have a clear vision of what a publisher is. The publisher is the website on which your ad will be displayed like

The advantages of display ads for your crypto projects

Animated banners ads generally have two objectives:

  1. A performance objective
    As the name suggests, your ad will have a performance goal: visit, conversion, registration, purchase etc. It can be to redirect people to a landing page or to push the user to buy a product or service directly. The cost for the advertiser will be based on CPC.
  2. A visibility objective
    Display advertising can also be used to increase visibility. The goal here is to establish and improve your image and to gain notoriety. You can highlight your brand, a product or a service (or branding campaign). What interests here is the number of impressions, and the mode of remuneration will be CPM.

How to rent an advertising space or publish animated banners on

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