ALTS NFT : Adidas launches final phase of Into The Metaverse
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ALTS NFT : Adidas launches final phase of Into The Metaverse

Adidas recently introduced the third and final phase of its innovative Into The Metaverse (ITM) project, with its unique “ALTS” NFT collection. While many companies that began offering NFTs at the height of the crypto market in 2021 have since moved away from the industry, Adidas continues to move forward.

You will get a unique PFP consisting of countless combinations of traits with a rarity rank. ALTS by adidas is a dynamic NFT that will evolve based on your decisions and engagement,” the announcement reads.

As a reminder, Adidas made a big entrance into Web3 in late 2021 with the mint of its Into The Metaverse collection and by partnering with Yuga Labs and its popular Bored Ape Yacht Club tokens.

“Your ALT[er] ego is the first of your ALT identity traits. There will be 8 different ALT[er] egos with different rarities. In addition to the utilities available for each ALT, there will be an exclusive utility that is determined by your ALT[er] ego to provide other benefits tailored to your interests,” the 3-stripes brand says.

Into The Metaverse token holders now have the option to burn their NFT to receive a new, so-called “dynamic” NFT that is still Ethereum-based. The token offers them many advantages.

On its website, the firm says that ALTS by Adidas owners will get “exclusive access” to experiences (IRL and metaverse) created by the brand as well as to physical and virtual products. Among other things, they will also be able to retrieve the 3D files of their NFT and will have certain intellectual property rights.

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