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A pair of sandals sold as NFT by Stefan Berger

Stefan Berger, the German member of the European Parliament who has been tasked with facilitating the progress of the European Crypto Asset Market (MiCA) project, has launched a summer initiative to promote tokenization, a phenomenon “as revolutionary for the world as the introduction of the stock market in the 17th century.”

Who is Stefan Berger?

Founder of Visioning, Stefan Berger is an investment director at Pegasus Digital Mobility Acquisition Corp. and a strategic advisor at Skyworks Aeronautics Corp.
In the past, he has served as Vice President of Tata Sons Pvt Ltd, Managing Director of Visioning and Director of Electrification at Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.
Berger earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Passau and a doctorate from the University of Regensburg.


Today, you wear sandals in your wallet !

Freedom in a wallet” is how Stefan Berger, Member of the European Parliament, describes the non-fungible token (NFT) he is currently selling on Opensea. The NFT represents a pair of “Bergoletten” shoes. The shoes symbolize the first step in every development, says Berger, who has invested efforts to ensure that the upcoming European cryptocurrency legislation gets the support of his colleagues.

In late July, the member of the conservative European People’s Party group urged his Twitter followers to join an auction on the NFT marketplace Opensea.

My NFT is out now,” Berger announced in a post about the auction, which ends Monday, Aug. 15. “To me, this NFT is a piece of digital freedom in a wallet, he wrote in the tweet.

The Bergoletten NFT, which he claims to have designed, depicts a photo of a pair of men’s flip-flops, one of which is marked “#bergo” and the other – “ropa.” Clappers are the summer accessory par excellence and were chosen as the motif NFT because every great evolution begins with a first step, the seller explains on his website:

What was tradable yesterday is now tokenized on the blockchain. Yesterday you wore sandals on your feet, today you wear them in your wallet – in the form of this NFT.

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