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10 Marketing Crypto jobs : Get a job in crypto industry

A marketing professional is responsible for the image of the brand and will approach customers to sell products or services. 

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He or she follows a strategy that is given to him or her and that is specific to each company. They may also be responsible for developing that strategy.

Attentive to the evolution of the market and the information collected in the field, the marketing manager carries out specialized marketing analyses.

On the other hand, since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptos have been booming. This phenomenon has led to the creation of new jobs. Indeed, skills are required in the field of blockchain, encryption or security. Virtual currency talents are currently in high demand by employers.

Examples of popular cryptocurrency jobs also include the marketing sector.

Do not miss the following 10 marketing crypto jobs : 

Here are the 10 cryptojobs of this week , break your leg !

Community and Social Media Lead at ORBS

  • Passion about crypto, DeFi, and NFTs!
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in managing crypto community channels like twitter, discord, telegram, etc.
  • Deep understanding of crypto culture, memes and latest trends
  • Be innovative – apply unconventional and creative thinking
  • Fluent oral and written communication abilities in English
  • Remote work self-discipline and work ethics


  • Previous work experience in similar roles with known crypto projects
  • Chad level awesomeness on social media, specifically CT
  • Networking and reputation in the crypto space


  • Remote work
  • Flexible hours
  • Competitive base fiat salary plus benefits and token upside
  • Love and adulation of the Orbs community


Senior Sales Executive at Ramp Network

  • Exploring new markets with the help our Business Development Team
  • Finding the decision-makers and reaching out to them
  • Warming up and nurturing the leads and critically assessing their LTV based on your expertise and market predictions
  • Drawing personalized business cases for our customers
  • Explaining the benefits of Ramp in a consultative way
  • Developing and implementing pricing models to streamline the closing process
  • Handling the negotiations and closing deals,
  • Managing the sales pipeline and upholding the good practices in the CRM tool (Hubspot)
  • updating Sales Materials and any other resources required to help you close the deal
  • Working closely with different teams (legal, product, account management, marketing) to make sure the deal is moving forward and there are no roadblocks (or that the designated team is working on them)


Sales Associate at UniCrypt Network

  • Generate sales leads for ILOs, liquidity locks, vesting, and farms/stakes to meet UniCrypt sales goals
  • Coordinate with UniCrypt sales team to generate new business for presales, farms and liquidity locks
  • Cold calling customers for new business development activity
  • Support and assist customers with new project development, LP lock/vesting, and token farming.
  • Perform other essential and related duties that may be required


PR Manager at EAK Digital

  • To lead the PR team by example, consistently looking for new tactics and ideas of how to produce better media coverage for EAK Digital’s clients.
  • Responsible for the performance of the PR team, ensuring that each PR team member is achieving their goals and objectives and a positive work environment for the PR team.
  • To keep clients informed of the latest PR opportunities and to respond to client requests in a timely manner.
  • Ensure the maintenance of documentation for tracking project PR progress, ensuring all PR related materials are correctly referenced in each clients project book.
  • To consistently secure PR Coverage on major publications and to build continuous new relationships with journalists.
  • Organize and host daily meetings with the PR team to discuss the latest breaking news, trends and insights that could be used and leveraged to feature EAK Digital’s clients in the media.
  • To concept new partnership opportunities with media and EAK Digital’s brands (EAK, Istanbul Blockchain Week and BlockDown) that provide EAK Digital with exclusive benefits/opportunities.
  • Attend and make a major contribution to any online/offline client kick off calls/workshops
  • To write high quality press releases, draft article and opinion editorials for EAK Digital’s clients.
  • To craft unique PR campaigns and story ideas for potential new client pitches and existing EAK Digital clients.


Web3 & DAO Marketing Manager at CRASTONIC Ltd

  • Work full time remotely or in person
  • Research direct/in-direct competitors, service, project, analyze their strengths/weakness, and provide our USP.
  • Investigate user’s interest, pain point, and identify the needs based on the customer journey
  • Create overall marketing strategy, activities, plan, design token economics, set KPI and monitor
  • Build community and operate all kinds of activities such AMA, online/real event for growth
  • Branding, PR, make partnership with business partner & crypto ventures/service providers.
  • Catch the latest crypto, web3, NFT related conference information and hold a booth for promotion
  • Digital marketing such twitter, discord, telegram in mixture with video, banner marketing
  • Manage & execute Contents marketing, and copy writing
  • Collaborate with BizDev, PdM, UIUX designer, and Dev teams to meet specification needs in line with business objectives.
  • Work closely with CEO and teams to meet specification needs in line with business objectives. ️Provide feedback from the market/user to improve our product and pursue successful customer value experience.
  • Lead & manage marketing team to be hired in the future and propose innovative idea from marketing/our target user point of view

Marketing & Growth Lead (Co-Founder) at AnorakDAO

  • Develop a cohesive marketing strategy that will allow Anorak to identify its core demographics and target advertisements to appeal to a diverse group of Web2 and Web3/P2E/GameFi audiences.
  • Improving our company’s overall marketing and advertising plans, including objectives, key results, analytics, and measurement to communicate tasks to the team and deliver results.
  • Develop and lead on the execution of individual ads or marketing campaigns.
  • Collaborate with tech, product, creative and community teams to integrate our brand narrative, product positioning, and messaging with all aspects of the user experience.
  • Drive exciting and innovative marketing initiatives to acquire new users.

Crypto Copywriter / Content lead at Ledgerlink Labs

  • Fullscope analysis of the current state of a project/business
  • Assistance with Ideation
  • Defining value propositions and value capture mechanisms (through token economies/ NFT’s/ Fee structuring, defi mechanisms,…-
  • Defining System Architecture
  • Product Development (we have dedicated Developers to assist existing teams)
  • Go-to-market Strategies
  • Marketing Strategy (for Execution we rely on our partners and or clients)
  • Legal Compliance
  • Partnership Management
  • General advisory & growth support
  • Structuring of Fundraising Rounds

Digital Marketing Manager at Murasaki B.V

  • Designing and overseeing all aspects of our digital marketing department.
  • Developing and monitoring digital and influencer campaigns and budgets.
  • Planning and managing our social media platforms.
  • Preparing accurate reports on our marketing campaign’s overall performance.
  • Working with the team to brainstorm new and innovative growth strategies.
  • Overseeing and managing all contests, giveaways, and other digital projects.

Content Marketing Manager at CertiK

  • Own the content marketing strategy, including writing blog content, general copy and bylines, as well as building security newsletters and media alerts.
  • Perform content lifecycle strategy and evolution, including content planning, authoring, editing, testing, and improvement, personna to content mapping.
  • Create content for developer and supporter communities for CertiK community channels.
  • Create rich and engaging content to drive audience engagement growth, develop value positions, messaging, and storylines. 

Head of Marketing – Remote at Premia

  • Understands Google analytics, SEO, Social Media (especially Twitter)
  • Growing online communities
  • Able to write in an informative and compelling writing style for various Medium articles for the community
  • Coordinating with professional Public Relations and Marketing Firms
  • Plan and produce thought leadership, press, and partner engagement events
  • User acquisition in the crypto space
  • Branding and content strategy

Article written by:

Laeti Marison, also known as SatoshiBelle, is a multifaceted professional with a passion for community management, content creation, and digital marketing. With a diverse background in various roles, Laeti has consistently demonstrated her expertise and dedication in the field. Recognizing her potential, Laeti then took on the responsibilities of a Project and Community Manager at Magna Numeris and Cartam from November 2018 to March 2021. In this role, she showcased her ability to successfully lead projects and foster strong relationships within the community. Currently, Laeti serves as an SEO content writer, Digital Marketing Manager, and co-founder at magazine, starting from February 2022 till now. Through her expertise in digital marketing and her passion for the crypto industry, she has contributed to the success of the magazine, ensuring its content remains relevant, engaging, and informative.

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