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10 Crypto jobs of the week : Get a job in crypto industry

Here are 10 Cryptojobs for you.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs are exploding. The field has created thousands of job opportunities for people from all professional backgrounds. From crypto startups to the Bank of England or JP Morgan; all have already posted blockchain-related job?

In order to help you, Trending Crypto News weekly rounds up 10 bitcoin, blockchain, metaverse, NFT jobs. 

Here are the 10 cryptojobs of this week , break your leg ! 

Cryptocurrency Internship Program at Paperclip Partners

  • Prior experience in crypto, finance, tech, computer science, economics, actuarial studies, engineering, or any other mathematical discipline whilst not necessary would be beneficial.
  • Crypto is a nascent field where learning rate, hustle, and growth potential is much more important than background
  • Have a high willingness to take on any task big or small, and follow through to the end.
  • High integrity and trustworthiness is a must.
  • Willing to take initiative in unstructured situations and execute on ideas from the opportunities presented to you.
  • Strong writing and storytelling skills are desirable.


Blockchain Engineer (Solidity) at Groma

  • Build core product features, from conceptualization and research to implementation and deployment
  • Design, implement, test, and deploy smart contracts that meet rigorous audit requirements
  • Help with the integration of web applications to an underlying blockchain backend
  • Participate in the creative design process of migrating traditional financial instruments and concepts to the blockchain
  • Work with the broader team to try to understand the business end-to-end and engage with the full team in helping to shape our technology roadmap
  • Support Groma’s internally and externally facing development efforts; including identifying and maintaining potential Open Source offerings
  • Help guide the future direction of our real estate backed cryptocurrency platform and build out functionality to support the novel features we’re developing
  • Mentor and guide future team members as we grow the Engineering Team


Security Engineer at Phantom

  • Team building: You will be the first security hire and play a key role in building out the rest of the security organization.
  • Secure and harden our code: You’ll be hands-on with both the mobile and extension applications. You’ll be helping to develop new features as well as securing existing ones. These features span areas such as secrets management, anti-scam/phishing, and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Create a culture of security: Develop company-wide security practices, working closely with the founders and engineering teams to ensure our team and product are secure. You will manage the public bug bounty as well as relationships with external security firms.
  • Manage security initiatives: Work closely with third party security and auditing firms and help define and manage Phantom’s bug bounty program.


Editor & Writer at Bankless

  • Planning and ownership of the holy & sacred Bankless Monthly Content Calendar
  • Editor of everything published on the Bankless newsletter
  • Weekly aggregation of news, events, and opportunities for Market Monday
  • Identifying 3rd parties to assist w/ writing article and coordinating article delivery
  • Management of key social media channels
  • Writer of editorial pieces and thought-piece articles


Software Engineer – Full-Stack at Phantom

  • Feature development: You will be owning features on our web platforms – currently the Phantom Extension and our website.
  • New initiatives and products: You will be leading initiatives to add support for other blockchains to Phantom, and to launch new complementary products or infrastructure.
  • Interfacing with users: You will be interfacing directly with end-users and developers building on Phantom – supporting them and collecting feedback to inform the direction of the product.
  • Team building: You will be working with the team to create and foster a culture of raising the bar with each new hire.


Assistant General Manager at Mawson Inc

  • Assist in management of onsite deployment and runtime operations
  • Report on daily performance metrics in all areas of the operations to General Manager
  • Coordinate with inventory and logistics teams on supply, equipment, and tool needs
  • Assist in development and maintenance of onsite SOP and EOP procedures
  • Responsible for the scheduling and assignment of maintenance projects to Site Engineers & Technicians
  • Responsible for coordinating, training, onboarding of new site employees
  • Management of time off requests, weekly labor hours approvals and edits, and schedule assignments in time tracking system
  • Ensuring adequate staffing levels at the direction of the General Manager
  • Assist General Manager with ensuring site safety and regulatory compliance
  • Facilitate onsite employee safety programs
  • Identify and train senior hourly staff on development
  • Escalate workforce and or operations issues to General Manager
  • Assist with corrective actions plans for onsite employees
  • Processing of site invoicing, receipts and purchasing records
  • Other duties as directed by General Manager
  • Maintain efficient communication paths with both General Manager and other regional leadership


Smart Contract Engineer at

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Understands & is embedded in the Ethereum ecosystem
  • Has built/developed or audited smart contracts
  • Has strong understanding of crypto-economic systems
  • Has worked on projects.products with a long view who are serious about security
  • Has some hands on experience with a backend language (Rust, Go, etc.) to possibly touch on some Nim
  • Perhaps has some exposure to production code.


Marketing Manager at LOCKON

  • Propose and implement innovative ideas
  • Planning and execution of content and communication
  • High KPI setting and achievement
  • Content creation and curation
  • PR and media management
  • Influencer marketing and social media coordination
  • Promote partnership joint activities
  • Manage all media distribution channels including Discord, Twitter, Medium, Telegram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Email and more
  • Track, analyze and measure results with effective reporting indicators
  • Uncover insights across marketing activities to help future(short, mid, long term) decisions


Co-Founder / Head of Partnerships at Stealth Sports Startup

  • Build strong and lasting relationships for us in sports communities
  • Bring the biggest names in sports to us
  • Build new league, club, and brand partnerships
  • Grow the business through brand development and partner collaboration


Technical Product Manager at Cere Network

  • Manage highly complex technical products at the fringe of innovation in the Blockchain space
  • Own and drive a rapidly scaling product roadmap
  • Work closely with the engineering team to convey product direction and deliver milestones
  • Manage Backlog and drive product development using agile methodology
  • Actively seek user feedback to focus on solving problems
  • Demonstrate a data-driven approach to product decisions along the product development lifecycle
  • Clearly and effectively communicate and document the product strategy, functionality, and requirements
  • Track, measure, analyze and communicate relevant KPIs as well as product development progress to key stakeholders
  • Collaborate with Designers to quickly iterate on UI implementations
  • Manage and support new Product Launches in collaboration with other departments: Marketing, LiveOps, Business Development, Engineering
  • Assist and support the Lead Product Manager in the adoption of new processes
  • Work closely with the Ecosystem Team to ensure accurate technical documentation and support with problem resolution during Partner integrations


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