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10 Crypto jobs of the week : Get a job in crypto industry

If you’re looking for a new position or trying to change jobs, here are 10 Cryptojobs for you. 

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs are exploding. The field has created thousands of job opportunities for people from all professional backgrounds. From crypto startups to the Bank of England or JP Morgan; all have already posted blockchain-related job?

In order to help you, Trending Crypto News weekly rounds up 10 bitcoin, blockchain, metaverse, NFT jobs. 

Here are the 10 cryptojobs of this week , break your leg ! 

Marketing Director at LunaFi

  • Develop & execute a B2C performance marketing strategy that may include native advertising, sponsored content, social media, SEM and affiliate marketing for international markets. 
  • Install a culture of data driven decision making for all performance marketing KPIs to maximise effectiveness and profitability.
  • Manage budget allocation, forecasting, performance monitoring, strategic testing and campaign expansion
  • Create and manage relationships with key advertising partners, agencies and 3rd party technology providers.
  • Work directly with the founders and leadership team, playing a key role in shaping LunaFi’s growth strategy.

Senior Solidity Developer  at Thallo

  • You’ll work with the team to lead the development of our innovative bridging/retirement protocol, 
  • staking mechanics and more
  • Use your skills to fight climate change at a leading climate tech company
  • You will join a band of industry experts as part of the core team to delivering thallo’s platform
  • Competitive salary + bonus scheme

General Opportunities – Business Development/Partnerships


The BD Department at Unstoppable Domains builds partnerships with the best companies in crypto, web3, and beyond. We offer various solutions and integrations that help onboard users to web3, simplify crypto payments, improve UX, and give users control of their digital identity.

Senior Software Engineer, Compliance at BlockFi


  • Work with diverse stakeholders to ensure our systems are built for availability, reliability, resilience, scalability, performance, and security from the ground up.
  • Write design proposals and review proposals from other engineers. Ensure tradeoffs are clearly and publicly documented, and that designs are aligned with business goals.

Deliver and Own Solutions: 

  • Responsible for creating and executing on plans and designs end to end: estimating, prototyping, implementing, testing, maintaining, debugging, and supporting high-quality software in production.
  • Work with stakeholders to understand and document both functional and quality attribute requirements.
  • Adhere to quality standards through cross-team communication, mentoring, code review, and backlog grooming.
  • Accountable for system availability and monitoring system health; ensure alerts, metrics, and runbooks are in place; and debug issues in production.


  • Quickly learn new tools and technologies, develop an understanding of existing systems, and identify and tackle high-impact work.
  • Proactively seek to learn about the company, products, processes, and culture. Align technical decisions with business goals.


NFT Producer

As NFT Producer you will spearhead the NFT production process for partnered brands. In conjunction with our tech and marketing departments, and with contracted artists, will be responsible for making world-class creative work, concepting, producing, and launching NFT projects. You will collaborate with our partner to develop and execute NFT projects. You will be the constant between us and our creative partners, ensuring transparent, clear communication and alignment around a shared vision.

Growth Hacker at FreeWill

  • Be a resident expert of all things crypto 
  • Gain deep knowledge of crypto giving — what currently is working, what is not, and how we can improve it
  • Evangelize Crypto for Charity to crypto owners
  • Deliberately driving contributions for non-profits within the crypto community 
  • Pinpoint issues that are hampering growth
  • Choosing, setting, and prioritizing growth goals
  • Use data, analytics, and other tools to inform decisions and growth strategies
  • Reporting on initiatives and projects to leadership
  • Replicating successful strategies at scale and in new markets
  • Interact closely with a diverse team contributing ideas, insights and skills across sales, customer success, product, and engineering

SR. React Native Engineer

The Role:
We are looking for a Senior React Native Mobile Developer with deep experience in designing, building, and deploying highly secure, scalable, and maintainable client-facing UI systems.


Communication Directors at Status

  • Develop and lead the overall communications strategy of the Status Network.
  • Work alongside our Creative Director to help craft and define the overall brand strategy of the different projects that comprise the network.
  • Communicate the policies and public positions of the network.
  • Embed the network into culture through creative communication, and an understanding of internet subculture.
  • Draft engaging language to be used in blog posts and web pages that clearly convey our goals and entices others to participate.
  • Serve as team leader and subject matter expert to develop and recommend grassroots advocacy campaigns to inspire and create stronger bonds between community members and the network.
  • Develop energetic and on-brand content that stands out and delivers our core messages – with a unique, personal liberty-based approach to solving the problems that exist in big tech.
  • Set guidelines and parameters for our marketing teams so they can execute upon campaign ideas at a tactical level that fit within the strategic goals of the network.
  • Develop communications strategies that are open, participatory, and community-centric, and fit within the open source ethos of the organization.
  • Mentor and lead all other members involved in communications within the organization.

Crypto Token Economics Researcher at Davion Labs

  • Collect and analyze data about diverse elements of protocols, networks, and assets for a variety of fundamental and technical factors.
  • Provide detailed and insightful reports based on the research outcomes.
  • Engage in peer reviews of the team members’ reports and share respective comments/feedback/insights.
  • Monitor industry-wide trends and produce highly engaging original content.
  • Contribute to the intelligence team’s content ideation and knowledge distribution initiatives.
  • Work with other teams and support other functions, as assigned.
  • Identify and develop additional actionable and value-adding opportunities that the team can embark upon.

Head of Token at Rebel Bots

  • Define strategies for growth and integration of tokens into our product offerings
  • Collaborate with stakeholders across the business
  • Involving the community to help engage and grow RBLS tokens and other tokens to increase their values
  • Responsible for the operational, legal, and financial aspects of the RBLS tokens
  • Systematize involving tokents to ensure there are minimal risks to the operations
  • Plan and execute partnerships with exchanges and other potential partners

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