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10 Crypto jobs : Get a job in crypto industry

Cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs are exploding. The field has created thousands of job opportunities for people from all professional backgrounds.

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From crypto startups to the Bank of England or JP Morgan; all have already posted blockchain-related job. In order to help you, Trending Crypto News weekly rounds up 10 bitcoin, blockchain, metaverse, NFT jobs.

Here are the 10 cryptojobs of this week , break your leg !

Web3 Social Media Manager at Tallinn

  • Build a social media strategy as you envision, with no legacy to slow you down
  • Choose all the tools you want to work with
  • Set up your budget (with positive ROI in mind)
  • Enjoy autonomy and freedom to make decisions
  • Create immediate user and business impact


Blockchain Architect at Tea Inc.

  • Lead the design, implementation and launch of the tea public blockchain and support the networks’ needs and goals as outlined in the tea white paper.
  • Ensure tea can meet its short and long term objectives through proper resourcing and efficient use of resources.
  • Collaborate with product management to define the development timelines, and ensure on-time and on-budget delivery.
  • Design, implement and manage internal processes to ensure internal and external visibility of the roadmap and its execution.
  • Track, analyze and report on development progress and team efficiency and efficacy.
  • Develop and mentor new and existing team members.
  • Support internal and external teams in the development of applications atop the tea blockchain.
  • Stay on top of technology trends and developments.
  • Ensure that all technology practices adhere to applicable standards.


Social Media Growth Manager at Gamestarter

  • Collaborate internally and externally to produce high quality, engaging, original content that can be used cross-platform.
  • Write clear, attractive copy with a distinct voice
  • Interpret copywriting briefs to understand project requirements
  • Collaborate with designers, PR and other professionals on large- and small-scale marketing projects
  • Conduct high-quality research
  • Edit and proofread copy as needed
  • Use SEO principles to maximize copy’s reach
  • Source images and other content

Product Lead at Mangrove

  • coordinating the product roadmap with product and engineering core teams
  • understanding the competition and unmet needs on the market
  • collaborate with core and community contributors to discover and prioritize new capabilities
  • drive product improvements through experimentation and data-driven processes
  • engage with partners to develop joint product initiatives

Web3 & DAO Marketing Manager at CRASTONIC Ltd

  • Work full time remotely or in person
  • Research direct/in-direct competitors, service, project, analyze their strengths/weakness, and provide our USP.
  • Investigate user’s interest, pain point, and identify the needs based on the customer journey
  • Create overall marketing strategy, activities, plan, design token economics, set KPI and monitor
  • Build community and operate all kinds of activities such AMA, online/real event for growth
  • Branding, PR, make partnership with business partner & crypto ventures/service providers.
  • Catch the latest crypto, web3, NFT related conference information and hold a booth for promotion
  • Digital marketing such twitter, discord, telegram in mixture with video, banner marketing
  • Manage & execute Contents marketing, and copy writing
  • Collaborate with BizDev, PdM, UIUX designer, and Dev teams to meet specification needs in line with business objectives.
  • Work closely with CEO and teams to meet specification needs in line with business objectives. ️Provide feedback from the market/user to improve our product and pursue successful customer value experience.
  • Lead & manage marketing team to be hired in the future and propose innovative idea from marketing/our target user point of view

Web3 Senior Project Manager at Animoca Brands

  • Collaborate with our partners to incubate, coordinate and manage the delivery of blockchain applications, and connected applications, games or websites
  • Develop roadmap and project execution plan containing key deliverables, milestones, timeline and budget
  • Source, manage and communicate with external vendors, freelancers, partners and clients to ensure project success and mitigate risks
  • Manage any internal cross functional resource needs including development, art, design, marketing
  • Work closely with community management on cultivating and developing the relevant communities necessary for the project’s success
  • Research and build your knowledge on blockchain technologies and gaming independently, to help make informed decisions
  • Where necessary, recruit and manage additional project team members to deliver the project on time
  • Document and track progress of development and features across the product

Digital Marketing Manager at Murasaki B.V

  • Designing and overseeing all aspects of our digital marketing department.
  • Developing and monitoring digital and influencer campaigns and budgets.
  • Planning and managing our social media platforms.
  • Preparing accurate reports on our marketing campaign’s overall performance.
  • Working with the team to brainstorm new and innovative growth strategies.
  • Overseeing and managing all contests, giveaways, and other digital projects.


Web3 Security Operations Engineer (Remote) at Filecoin Foundation

  • Triage, evaluate, and coordinate bug bounty submissions
  • Assess, model, and improve operational security across Filecoin Foundation
  • Build strong relationships across the Filecoin ecosystem to enable efficient threat detection and mitigation
  • Work closely with security auditors to evaluate and drive mitigation of potential vulnerabilities
  • Create, maintain, and monitor security evaluation tools like fuzzers, etc
  • Maintain work momentum and keep projects moving on schedule
  • Provide threat-simulation, security education, and incident response
  • Develop and coordinate other ways to engage the community in developing secure systems


Head of Business Operations at Bebop

  • We are looking for two profiles: 1) An experienced operator or an entrepreneur, from a high functioning DeFi protocol or other crypto native company, or 2) An experienced manager from  a high-performance environment, such as management consulting, investment banking,  VC-backed startup, etc.
  • Excellent problem solving skills – you do not rely on advisors, specialists or “other departments”, you are able to think from first principles and figure out how to do anything; we will test
  • Excellent organizational skills – you are known for good planning, keeping track of all things big and small,  making sure nothing falls between the cracks and you can be relied on to hit the deadlines; Bias to action – driven by seeing results and getting things done, very hands-on, proactive and practical
  • Strong communication skills – be able to communicate clearly, concisely and listen well, keep everyone informed at all levels
  • Ability and interest to learn about new technologies and concepts fast, both on conceptual (e.g. how DeFi protocols work) and hands-on (how to use automation tools) levels
  • Culture alignment: owner mentality, healthy level of ambition and hunger, willing to work hard incl non-standard hours, prepared to take calculated risk and have some “skin in the game” typical of early startup employees
  • BSc/MSc degree in business or quantitative fields; MBA or a strong accelerator program (Y Combinator, etc) would be an advantage
  • Fluent English


Head of Ecosystem Development at Algorand

  • Develop a strategy to drive the growth of the Algorand ecosystem across core verticals, including DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, Metaverse/gaming, ASAs and Stablecoins; 
  • Manage vertical leads across these areas; ensure their productivity, happiness, and success;
  • Partner closely with the office of the CFO to make sensible investments into the ecosystem to drive TVL, transactions, and, in some cases, financial return to the community; 
  • Articulate and execute on a roadmap for integration with core ecosystem infrastructure providers;
  • Partner with the CTO to ensure that the developers and entrepreneurs have what they need to succeed in the ecosystem; partner with the head of developer outreach and community to drive a virtuous circle of developer and community engagement that translates into opportunity and ecosystem growth;
  • Build relationships and drive business development efforts with key partners and stakeholders, in particular the entrepreneurs, investors, and developers that create the ecosystem;
  • Engage in the rollout of governance and in the formulation of governance questions, as the Algorand Foundations continues to pursue a decentralized decision-making framework.
  • Engage in broader strategic decision-making at the Foundation, as a member of the senior management team.


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