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10 Crypto jobs : Get a job in crypto industry

 From crypto startups to the Bank of England or JP Morgan; all have already posted blockchain-related job.

crypto jobs

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs are exploding.The field has created thousands of job opportunities for people from all professional backgrounds.

From crypto startups to the Bank of England or JP Morgan; all have already posted blockchain-related job. In order to help you, Trending Crypto News weekly rounds up 10 bitcoin, blockchain, metaverse, NFT jobs.

Here are the 10 cryptojobs of this week , break your leg !

Platform Engineer at Chorus One

At Chorus One we empower people to do their best work and make our greatest contribution as an organization.

We are a community of ambitious, self-reflective people building core infrastructure for blockchain protocols. At Chorus One we’re motivated by the conviction ***of choice and freedom that blockchain networks can bring on a global level***, and want to contribute to this continuous development, come join us!

  • Maintain, scale and monitor existing infrastructure, including cloud machines, bare-metal servers, and a Kubernetes cluster, to allow Chorus One to provide secure and reliable industry-leading Proof-of-Stake validation services.
  • Reason about and improve the security properties of infrastructure. Secure key management, server hardening, and intrusion detection are important themes.
  • Institute monitoring and alerting systems for infrastructure. Enable other team members to attend and troubleshoot problems as they arise.
  • Develop software related to blockchain data extraction or interchain communication, on an as-needed basis.


Sr. Web3 Frontend Engineer (React) / DAO & NFT Project at CRASTONIC Ltd.

Job Description

  • Developing new user-facing features using React.js
  • Building reusable components and front-end libraries for future use
  • Translating designs and wireframes into high quality code
  • Optimizing components for maximum performance across a vast array of web-capable devices and browsers
  • Build highly performed front end – React/Redux stack


Content Marketer at Exchange

  • Write excellent content across all our social channels, emails, blog, and any other business needs.
  • Write impactful creative copy and oversee the design of creatives for our socials
  • Create and schedule value-driven Twitter content
  • Develop clear and engaging content (as needed in other functions) that is consistent with’s brand image and addresses both business goals and user needs
  • Assist with conducting content audits to understand how well content is performing to achieve community growth goals
  • Lead optimisation campaigns across our socials and email campaigns
  • Create and manage the content calendar aligned with your user acquisition and retention strategy, as well as key events in the crypto and global arena.
  • Work closely with marketing and operations departments to create marketing campaigns that drive new users to our platform, increase activities of current users and promote our brand across the industry.


Phonon Protocol Engineer at GridPlus

  • Development of the phonon-client in golang
  • Design and specification of the phonon-network protocol
  • Integration with and development of the phonon-applet on the JavaCardOS platform
  • Integration with frontend phonon interfaces and existing blockchain wallets


Capital Markets Senior Associate at Maple Finance

  • Grow Maple’s ecosystem of lenders and borrowers; increase Maple’s overall TVL and manage ongoing relationships to reduce churn.
  • Support Sales Director to meet targets around TVL growth, new lender acquisition, expedited sales conversion cycles, and analysis surrounding prospecting and sales operations improvements.
  • Prospect among TradFi and Defi institutions, market makers, crypto miners, exchanges, lenders, asset managers, hedge funds, and other protocols/DAO’s to identify new clients. 
  • Develop proposals that address clients’ needs, concerns and objectives
  • Drive the conversion and closing of sales initiatives, pipelines and partnerships efficiently and effectively
  • Define and build your institutional / high-net worth clientele in DeFi and Tradfi
  • Be a subject matter expert on the needs of our clients and how they can be addressed by Maple’s institutional lending product and DeFi yield opportunities


Product Owner at Gro 

  • Define the product and marketing strategy for a leading yield aggregator protocol
  • Routinely interact with our community to understand their pain points around saving and yield farming
  • Own and maintain the risk management framework to respond to adverse scenarios
  • Pair with designers to take points points to new features ideas, to prototyping, to user testing and production
  • Work with engineers to build robust and scalable yield aggregation protocol and app
  • Develop partnerships that will help more people get know Gro and get more for their money


Head of Product and Programs, Crypto at Cross River 

  • Own the program and product strategy for a suite of products and infrastructure to companies offering Crypto to their users. This includes products in trading, lending, staking, etc.
  • Implement various integrations, estimating ballpark/high level requirements, understanding security and performance requirements
  • Own Initiatives end to end: work with internal and external stakeholders to get the necessary requirements, resources and approvals for every area related to our offering- including, but not limited to, technology, risks, compliance and legal
  • Collaborate with the engineering manager, customers, sales and support product team and consult on the vision for a project, create concrete and actionable architecture
  • Manage a direct and indirect team across product, engineering, marketing, compliance and legal


Vice President of Engineering at 

  • Enable and drive strategic decisions and the future of the business, guiding decisions from a deep understanding of technology infrastructure
  • Build upon, deliver, and maintain technology aligned with the business vision and the needs of its customers
  • Provide the team of engineers with the process, management, mentorship, and tools to design and develop mission-critical engineering solutions (i.e. comprehensive knowledge bases, learning opportunities, standard processes and technical standards)
  • Grow the technical expertise of the company as it relates to performance, scalability, and maintainable infrastructure
  • Ensure the team implements and adheres to best practices
  • Work with the product team to set expectations, allocate resources, and prioritize and follow through on commitments
  • Responsible for the retention, advancement, and performance of engineers


Senior Full Stack developer in Web3 space with experience at Angular & NodeJS (remote)

  • Design and develop scalable and resilient services for the backend and frontend of SnipeSea
  • Write clean and correct code
  • Optimize our systems to ensure reliability, performance, scalability and maintainability
  • Play an active part in the development process, giving input and suggesting changes
  • Contribute to conversational development and regularly update the status of tasks
  • Refactor and restructure existing modules within our codebase


Head of Marketing and Business Development (Remote) at ULTRADE

  • Create and execute the marketing strategy with a lean budget.
  • Shape the messaging of the company – what we say and how we say it
  • Prepare content plans and article briefs, website etc.
  • Write content – you will be expected to write some content, as well as be super good at directing and editing writers to create stellar content for blogs, articles, PR, and socials. If you can’t do this at a high level, please DO NOT APPLY TO THIS POSITION.
  • Grow and manage the community
  • Mods management (what to say, how to say, what not to say, efficiency and professionalism, accuracy of information etc)
  • Manage external agencies that provide social media management and content
  • Oversee content (plans, topics, directing and editing of content)
  • Help plan and shape various initiatives for community engagement and growth hacking, then execute those initiatives.


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