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10 Crypto, Blockchain, NFT, Web3 jobs to apply this week

Crypto and blockchain is a currently growing sector.According to job analysts, even in times of crisis, blockchain is obviously overshadowing other jobs with remarkable growth. Companies that employ this new technology must be innovative. That said, they must always ensure the proper functioning of this technology by deploying qualified human resources. This explains the high demand for blockchain skills.

For example, the blockchain developer is one of the most sought-after professions. The developer is considered as the specialist of this technology. His main tasks: coding and developing instructions that address the blockchain. Of course, there are other professions for this rather technical component such as: blockchain engineer, blockchain project manager, blockchain architect or even computer systems security manager.

Here are some jobs around cryptocurrency and blockchain:

Community Manager (Korea/Vietnam Native) at BC.Game

BC.GAME is a community-based crypto casino that offers its players the best online casino experience possible! BC.GAME is among the first gaming pEngages to support Bitcoin Lightning Network; BC.GAME is determined to achieve a globally acclaimed compliance standing! By recently obtaining the Curacao License, we hope to attain a recognized standing in the global market & significantly strengthen our position as one of the Best Provably Fair Crypto Casinos!


  • Craft and Implement a user community outreach strategy on behalf of BC.GAME to help reach crypto, casino, and evangelists in your market
  • Grow and manage the BC.GAME community in your market, and grow local awareness, understanding, and positive engagement
  • Develop effective marketing and brand communication plans and campaigns to expand BC.GAME’s digital footprint and brand awareness in your region
  • Setup close partnerships with the regional crypto/gambling Communities, Blockchains associations, KOLs, and other web2 and web3 audiences
  • Hold AMAs
  • Deploy successful online and offline users campaigns, such as workshops and conferences from ideation to execution
  • Explore new community-friendly platforms to facilitate the expansion
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of marketing campaigns through data analysis and user feedback
  • Engage users, respond to questions or complaints, and promote BC.GAME initiatives


Blockchain Engineer (DEX on Aptos) at Palladium

Palladium is a decentralized exchange(DEX)protocol, which provides a user-customizable multi-token AMM.

In this role you will:

  • Help improve engineering processes and implement best practices
  • Lead by example by contributing as an engineer in feature development and code reviews
  • Participate in meetings that are necessary for the team
  • Trying programming languages you have no experience with


Marketing Strategy Manager, Communications and Brand at Liquigate

Liquigate provides an accessible portal to on-chain financial opportunities within decentralized finance (DeFi), including DeFi and NFT trading and access to different DeFi protocols, while making use of automated triggers for any financial action

Your primary responsibilities include:

  • Create and maintain the Liquigate social presence – including social media
  • Create the content marketing strategy for the Liquigate launch
  • Create and distribute exciting public relations and social media campaigns.
  • Partner effectively with product and engineering teams to develop go-to-market campaigns and deliver exceptional brand/product experiences.
  • Execute initiatives such as partnerships, influencer programs, and activations to land key messages and elevate the Liquigate brand.
  • Act as a brand advocate, providing thought-leadership, inspiration, and best practices that contribute to the success of the brand across all channels.
  • Attend blockchain and other conferences to spread the word about Liquigate.
  • Develop the Liquigate’s brand story and bring it to life across all owned and operated paid channels.


Blockchain Security Engineer at AP Capital

• Be responsible for assessing blockchain security vulnerabilities and new blockchain security events.
• Conduct security research and vulnerability mining on blockchain public chain and application layer.
• Take a supporting and collaborative role in driving internal blockchain security and privacy initiatives.
• Validate state-of-the-art algorithms and protocols across a broad range of architectures, including considerations to side-channel attacks, performance, and memory/code size constraints.
• Engineer, implement, and maintain information system security controls and countermeasures;
• Incorporate industry security standards into practical security operations, network operations, and application development practices;
• Proactively monitor, respond to, and document security events or incidents;
• Enhance response procedures for system security incidents and vulnerabilities;
• Oversee and utilize vulnerability management processes and solutions;
• Review software security architecture for internally-developed and third-party products to ensure compliance with security policies and procedures;


crypto blockchain jobs

Company Assistant at Chainflip

Chainflip is a decentralised exchange protocol specialising in cross-chain interactions. We think it has the best shot at taking market share away from the big centralised exchanges in the long run and bringing it on-chain.

We’re looking for an assistant that is able to help with various challenges that pop up during the exciting launch phase of our company and beyond.

  • A full or part-time role (student applicants accepted, minimum 25 hours per week)
  • Directly assist the COO and CEO in administrative tasks as required, including filling out forms, taking notes, recording minutes, and tracking tasks
  • Ensure that the office is supplied and maintained correctly
  • Manage deliveries, material requirements, cleaners, maintenance workers, and so on for the office to ensure the best possible environment for our team
  • Organise internal events to improve company culture
  • Book flights, accommodation, venues, restaurants, transport, and other things that may be required for internal company events and business trips
  • Assist with the sourcing and delivery of apparel and other promotional materials.


Crypto Researcher at Vinter

We are looking for a crypto asset expert. You understand structural issues such as systemic risk within a crypto ecosystem and the differences between the on-chain and off-chain economics. In addition, you will analyze public blockchain networks. When developing and maintaining our asset classification systems, you will use quantitative and qualitative assessment methods, including reports and structured reviews. You will evaluate asset characteristics in your role, including value proposition, development team, adoption, consensus mechanism, and sector/industry. In addition, you will attend meetings with our clients held by Vinter’s Account Manager to nurture our client relationships.

In short: Your job is to read, think and write. Your primary responsibility is to research and classify crypto assets.


Solana NFT Engineer at Synesis One

At Synesis One, we are redefining the AI data landscape. We are building a web3 crowdsourcing platform to enable anyone with an internet connection contribute to the creation of high quality AI data sets and earn money

We are looking for a talented engineer to work on our Solana-based NFT infrastructure


  • React, JS/Typescript, Node.js
  • Metaplex, Anchor framework


Account Executive – US at Venly

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Manage and grow a robust sales pipeline
  • Work with both developers and business executives to drive deals to drive more usage of Venly’s offerings
  • Close deals across a broad spectrum of blockchain use cases including NFT, gaming and web3
  • Produce high-quality leads through strategic prospecting into key verticals
  • Confidently position Venly as a leading web3 platform
  • Develop a deep understanding of the competitive landscape
  • Transparently communicate both internally and externally, promoting cross-functional collaboration
  • Build and own a winning, repeatable business development process
  • Be an all-around team player to help identify, develop, and execute new strategic opportunities for the business
  • Drive, track and communicate key deal metrics to cross functional and senior stakeholders


Web3 Product Manager (Payments) at is looking for a Senior Product Manager with a strong payments background to join our Product team. In this role you will help the company’s Product team to make decisions based on data and industry best practices.


  • Map out payments landscape in the Philippines and target critical providers/channels to integrate with
  • Build and expand fiat payment offerings for our users in the Philippines and beyond by integrating with payment providers and banks
  • Productize our payments solution (e-wallet, tokenized payments, crypto-to-fiat) to external partners
  • Work with Engineering and Design to ideate, build and optimize user journey in the payments flow, as well as the backend flow/automation on order processing, settlement and reconciliation
  • Own related operational metrics like payment conversion rates
  • Partner with cross-functional stakeholders (e.g. Finance, Operations, Compliance, etc.) to scale the business while managing operational efficiency


Web3 Blockchain Engineer at Tenex

What you’ll be doing

  • Design core, backend components, and code primarily using Rust
  • Build, test, debug, and deploy a large-scale decentralized system across hundreds of nodes
  • Work with consensus protocols, asynchronous runtimes, and execution engines to complete complex engineering challenges like building DeFi-related blockchain modules
  • Develop and maintain high-quality software engineering practices and principles in a highly visible open-source project


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